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 A full deck of 78 cards, including both the Major and Minor Arcana, based on Slavic mythology, folklore, and fairy tales and featuring original artwork. The deck comes boxed, complete with a booklet explaining the story behind each card as well as its divinatory meanings. Each card is labeled in both English and Russian, and the booklet is written in both languages as well. From Ivan the Fool to the Tsar of Cups, the Slavic Tarot deck is the first of its kind and features original artwork on every single card.


The Major Arcana includes folkloric heroes like Ilya Muromets; deities from the early Slavic pantheon such as Perun, Mokosh, and Svarog; fairy tale heroines like Vasilisa the Beautiful; and even the darker figures like Baba-Yaga and Koschei the Deathless.


The Minor Arcana includes the four familiar suits, but with a unique twist: in addition to the usual elemental associations, each suit is also linked with a season of the year as well as a genre of Slavic folklore, including skazki and byliny.


A labor of love, I was first inspired to make this deck because I was looking for any kind of tarot deck based on Slavic mythology and folklore, yet could find nothing. I scoured the internet, every store I knew that sold tarot decks, and every craft fair and gathering I came across. Yet there was nothing. Not someone to let something as trivial as "it doesn't exist" defeat me, I set out to make one. Six researched-filled years and numerous hand-cramps later, the deck is finally printed and ready to go! I hope you all enjoy using the deck as much as I enjoyed making it, down to drawing every detail.

Slavic Tarot Deck

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